Skype Call Quality Survey

by Lincoln Sedlacek

How would you rate the quality of this call?


How would you rate the quality of your significant other during this call?


How many times was the phrase “relationship issues” used during this call?


Would the sound quality of this conversation have been better had you been in Cleveland with your significant other, talking to them in person?


More importantly, are you willing to move to Cleveland for something you’re no longer quite sure is love?


Please select any video issues you experienced during the call.
Ο Video was grainy
Ο Video was jumpy, like your significant other any time you used the word “commitment”
Ο Image froze – only a few times, but somehow it always managed to catch your significant other looking at their phone


Please check all of the audio issues you experienced during this call.
Ο Echo, specifically of the phrase, “I don’t understand what I’m supposed to do about that!”
Ο Audio was slightly behind video and way behind where you had hoped your relationship would be after two years
Ο Audio cut out more often than your significant other did the month after your dog died


Would this call have been more enjoyable if, instead of talking to your significant other, you had just talked to yourself while pretending a banana you were holding was a phone?


Did the call disconnect?
If so, please select the reason for the disconnection.
Ο Connection to internet was poor
Ο Your significant other’s connection to internet was poor – even worse than their connection to you
Ο You disconnected on purpose because your significant other is a mediocre conversationalist


Would you like to contact a Skype Support Representative in your area and see if they are free for drinks?




–Melissa Chiasson and Lincoln Sedlacek