Jordy Greenblatt–Jordy is often called the “bad boy” of PIAOR. This isn’t the most accurate label because he is currently a PhD student in math at UCLA and spends most of his time solving esoteric problems, trying to explain his career choice, playing cards, writing, watching reruns, and arguing about pointless semantics issues. His favorite sources of comedic inspiration include (but are anything but limited to) Arrested Development, The Onion, Bored to Death, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Monty Python, Jack Handey, the Coen Brothers, and his friends and colleagues from the Yale Record.

Melissa Chiasson–Melissa is a noted poetry scholar who has had her work published in a variety of literary reviews, including Highlights. Her first book of poetry, What Rhymes with Kleptomania?, was called a “crowning achievement” and “very graphic” by her mother. Her second collection of poems, entitled Heartbreak and Hoagies, will be published by Penguin Random House in 2016.

Lincoln Sedlacek–Lincoln lives in Houston, Texas, working as a media writer at an educational non-profit. As the youngest member of PIAOR, he is by far the blog’s hippest writer, commonly engaging in activities such as hashtagging, bar-skipping, and going to bed after 11:30. Lincoln’s friends say his middle name is “Danger.” This is false. Lincoln’s middle name is Scott.

River Clegg–Grew up in Weare, New Hampshire but now lives in Brooklyn. It is news to him that this blog has a Twitter handle.

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