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from PIAOR’s Book of Quotations, Page 907

by Lincoln Sedlacek

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler. Nope, let’s try that again: Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. Crap, that’s not quite it… How about, ‘All should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.’ Yep, that’s it. Nice work, everyone!”

–Albert Einstein

Tip of the Day #541

by Lincoln Sedlacek

Airport calories don’t count if you take a turbulent enough Spirit Airlines flight afterwards.

This Day in History: Mar. 10, 431 B.C

by Lincoln Sedlacek

A hummus stain starts the Peloponnesian War.

Tip of the Day #7242

by Lincoln Sedlacek

You catch more flies with flypaper than with vinegar.

This Day in History: Mar. 3, 154 Million B.C.

by Lincoln Sedlacek

Dinosaurs open the first Starbucks.

Just a Thought: Realism in TV Shows

by Lincoln Sedlacek

Friday’s new season of House of Cards is going to be the first season of the show where the political plot – a presidential race – is more believable than its real-world counterpart.

from PIAOR’s Book of Quotations, Page 1982

by Lincoln Sedlacek

“Something I learned early on is that, when I’m on the field and I’m about to call the play,  I can’t worry about what I can’t control… But what I can control is my attitude, my effort, and my focus every day. Well, that, and gauge pressure of the game balls. And the impartiality of the judge. And, to some degree, the demographics of the jury members. Whether or not a monetary incentive is given to a low-level intern to falsely confess to wrong-doing and take the fall for you, and the size of that incentive. The quality of a courtroom artist’s sketch of you, if you decide you care about that sort of thing. Not the size of your penis, though. I’ve tried to control that, and it doesn’t work.”
–Tom Brady

This Day in History: Feb. 18, 1982

by Lincoln Sedlacek

San Diego Zoo showcases first openly gay elephant.

Just a Thought: Calories Burned

by Lincoln Sedlacek

My FitBit buzzes and congratulates me whenever I meet one of my fitness goals for the day. It’s generally a good motivator, but I feel like it’s sending me the wrong message when it congratulates me for meeting my “distance walked” goal en route to Krispy Kreme.

Tip of the Day #8245

by Lincoln Sedlacek

Tying a string around one of your fingers is a great way of reminding yourself that you have an infected paper cut on that finger and it needs to be amputated.

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