Graduate School Admissions Essay Titles

by Lincoln Sedlacek

  • A Lesson in Independence: Why I Submitted This Essay Even Though My Private Tutor Said it Was Bad
  • Priorities: How Constantly Practicing Having Really Amazing Sex with Middle-Aged Law School Admissions Officers Instead of Studying Resulted in My Poor LSAT Scores
  • What I Learned from Suing an Undergraduate College for Not Accepting Me
  • A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Attending Grad School Versus Living in My Parents’ Basement
  • Whatever It Takes: How I’ll Succeed at Harvard Medical School and Also What I Meant by My Answer to the Question “Have You Ever Been Convicted of a Crime?” on My Application
  • Back to My Roots: Why I Want to Enroll in an MBA Program at an Institution Where My Mother Is the President
  • Passion. Drive. Motivation. Three Things I Hope I Can Develop by Putting off Entering the Workforce for Six More Years
  • Check Enclosed