Esoteric Football Stats the NFL is Digging out for the Superbowl

by Melissa Chiasson

  • Longest streak Bill Belicheck has continuously worn the same sweatshirt without anyone noticing: 514 days
  • Number of squirrels used to make one Superbowl hot dog: 4
  • Number of downs before Marshawn Lynch touches his crotch and we decide that that’s inappropriate, even though we were pretty cool for a while with a guy knocking his fiance unconscious: 6
  • Last time Troy Aikman was sober before going on air: November 5, 2010
  • Number of footballs Pete Carroll can fit in his mouth if he tries: 2
  • Number of washing machines the NFL robot tried to hump during the commercial break: 3 (and Erin Andrews)
  • Longest field goal attempted by an actual seahawk: 9 yards
  • Average number of concussions or Katy Perry halftime shows before brain damage sets in: 1