Customer Satisfaction Survey From Terror Tammy’s Halloween Horrors Superstore

by Jordy Greenblatt

  1. Overall Experience – How would you describe your experience with Tammy’s?
    1. Terrorific
    2. Spooktacular
    3. Frightastic
    4. Unsatisfactory
  2. Hold Music – What would be your ideal hold music?
    1. The Time Warp
    2. Monster Mash
    3. Creepy forest sounds
    4. Leave it as Bad Bad Leroy Brown
  3. Costume Selection – How did you feel about our costume selection?
    1. Eerily extensive
    2. Scandalously seductive
    3. Boo-dget friendly
    4. Disproportionately focused on racial stereotypes
  4. Staff Interaction – How would you describe your interaction with Tammy’s staff?
    1. Hauntingly helpful
    2. Frightfully friendly
    3. Chillingly competent
    4. A little too handsy in the dressing room… and the cash register
  5. Store Location – How would you describe the store’s current site?
    1. Wickedly well-maintained
    2. Creepily convenient
    3. Scarily safe
    4. Confusingly close to Trashy Tammy’s Coochie Palace

-Melissa Chiasson and Jordy Greenblatt