Mr. Hecht’s 7th Grade Pre-Algebra Final to Be Administered During His Open Ended Vacation In the Cayman Islands

by Jordy Greenblatt

  1. Your mom has to be at the bank 11 miles from home at exactly 10am. Suppose she wants to walk but she left the house at exactly 9am and doesn’t have time to walk the whole way. If she drives part of the way at 35 miles per hour and then walks the rest of the way at 5 miles per hour, what’s the furthest distance she can walk and still make it to the bank by 10 sharp. Include the name and address of your mom’s actual bank with your answer.
  2. How many ways are there to rearrange the letters in your mom’s online banking login? How many ways are there to rearrange the letters in her password? Write down 3 rearrangements of each, including the actual login and password. Also her first pet, her favorite food, her middle name, her elementary school, and the first name of her paternal grandmother.
  3. If C is your mom’s checking account number and S is her savings account number, calculate C-S and C+S. Is this enough information for me to determine C and S? I think so, but just to be safe, write down both her account numbers.
  4. If D is your dad’s debit number and P is his ATM PIN, calculate D+P and D-P. This may look similar to problem 3 but it’s not the same because the numbers are different and it’s about your dad.
  5. Divide your dad’s credit card number by the 3 digit security code on the back with remainder. You must show all work to get credit. Especially the card number and security code.
  6. If a credit card fraud protection plan costs 2% of your dad’s credit limit and only one in ten thousand of all card holders are fraud victims, is it worth investing in the plan? Hint: It’s not. Make sure to tell your dad within the next 3 business days.
  7. If x3 = 343, what are your parents’ social security numbers?