Common Misconceptions About Dolphins

by Jordy Greenblatt

Myth: Dolphins are among the most intelligent animals on Earth
Reality: They don’t even know how to walk

Myth: Dolphins engage in recreational sexual activities
Reality: Dolphin sex is a somber affair

Myth: Dolphins use their blowholes to breath
Reality: They can’t breath; they just go through oxygen very, very slowly

Myth: Dolphins make clicking sounds for echolocation
Reality: When they correctly guess where something is, they make clicks to brag about it to the rest of their pods even though it’s just dumb luck

Myth: Dolphins enjoy playing with humans
Reality: They tolerate humans because they are curmudgeonly, misanthropic creatures and the only thing they hate more than humans is other dolphins

Myth: A lot of people think dolphins are fish, but they’re actually mammals
Reality: A lot of people think dolphins are dinosaurs, but they’re actually fish