Things I’m Thankful For

by Jordy Greenblatt

  • My loving family, except my meddling half brother Steve
  • A warm fire on a cold day
  • Cuddles from my golden doodle
  • My mom’s 5 spice pumpkin pie recipe
  • Steve’s weakness for 5 spice pumpkin pie
  • A warm bed at the end of an exhausting day
  • The smell of freshly raked leaves
  • Steve’s childlike gullibility
  • The first snow flurry before winter really starts
  • My mom’s tradition of writing everyone’s initials in whipped cream on their pie slice, thus leaving no ambiguity about who will be eating which piece
  • The guests that she then greets, leaving the pie unattended for a few minutes
  • The park where I used to play catch with my step dad before Steve came along
  • Online vendors of tasteless, odorless cyanide compounds

-Melissa Chiasson and Jordy Greenblatt