Terrors at Obamascare 2014, Fox News’s Haunted House

by Melissa Chiasson

  • Zombie Obama breaking down the door of a suburban family’s home, disparaging the lack of fresh produce in the fridge while seizing their assault rifles
  • Bill O’Reilly being trampled by a horde of ambitious career women
  • Dennis Kucinich, standing triumphant on the steps of Congress as he is sworn in 2016
  • Dracula, fangs bared
  • Geraldo Rivera, chest bared
  • Justice Ginsburg putting Scalia in a sleeper hold
  • High school teacher explaining safe sex to a room full of teenagers
  • John Boehner crying on the floor in the fetal position in his office, an empty can of spray tan in his limp hand
  • Karl Rove making a coherent, factually correct statement
  • Gay werewolf wedding