My Favorite Movies in the Air Bud Series

by Lincoln Sedlacek

  1. Air Bud – Josh adopts a golden retriever and discovers that he can play basketball.
  2. Air Bud: Starting Line-Pup – Josh is being harassed by Leslie, the quarterback of the high school football team. But his luck changes when Buddy is put on the defensive line after mauling Leslie during an after-school practice.
  3. Air Bud: Fast and Furriest – Buddy gets a spot on the high school track and field team, which seems to involve relatively normal activities for a dog right up until the moment when he wins the pole-vaulting event.
  4. Air Bud: Pitch in Heat – Buddy becomes the pitcher for the school baseball team, but has trouble working with the team catcher, a female Husky named Sally.
  5. Air Bud: Puppy-Love – When Buddy and Sally have to play together on the tennis team, they learn how to trust each other and strengthen their relationship on and off the court.
  6. Air Bud: Flea Bargain – Buddy joins Josh in mock trial. The coach demands that he be removed from the team, but experiences a change of heart when Buddy saves him from being convicted of 1st-degree murder.
  7. Air Buddies: Ruff-Housing – Buddy and Sally have puppies, whose combined weight is low enough for them to compete together on the school wrestling team.
  8. Air Dogs: Muttriculation – Josh’s RA says pets aren’t allowed in the dorms, but the dean makes an exception when she realizes that the dogs are geniuses in particle physics.
  9. Air Bud: First Litter – When Josh becomes the President of the United States, opposing parties question the constitutionality of a dog being sworn in as Vice President. An amendment is made for Buddy after he proves himself at the U.S.-China Trade Summit; unfortunately, he’ll still die long before reaching the age requirement of thirty-five years.