Possible Names for Theme Restaurants

by Jordy Greenblatt

  • Fairytale themed burger joint, “Hansel and Griddle”
  • Spy themed pancake house, “Syruptitious”
  • Classic sitcom themed salad restaurant, “Leaf it to Beaver”
  • French Revolution themed cocktail lounge, “The Guillotini”
  • Billboard Top 40 themed sushi bar, “Call me Maki”
  • Murder mystery themed coffeehouse, “Murder on the Orient Espresso”
  • Olympic themed Chinese restaurant, “Miracle on Rice”
  • Classic movie themed bakery, “Citizen Cake”
  • Americana themed pub, “Stars and Tripe”
  • Spanish Civil War themed steakhouse, “Homage to Cattleonia”
  • Wild West themed curry stand, “Cowboys and Indians”