Facebook Security Questions

by Lincoln Sedlacek

Facebook works hard to ensure your account remains secure and you private information stays private. In order to help us keep your personal information safe, please answer the following security questions:

What is your biggest regret?

Does the Red Cross allow you to give blood?

Have you ever considered deactivating your Facebook account?

What was the make and model of the first car you cheated on your spouse in?

Knowing we have the answer to that question, are you now considering deactivating your Facebook account?

Who was your favorite professor who raised your exam grades for unethical reasons?

What is the name of your first illegally owned firearm?

What is a crime you have committed for which you were never convicted?

What is the trigger word that will cause you to carry out your mission for the KGB?

If you thought that deactivating your Facebook account could result in up to 20 years in prison, would you still consider doing so?

Where did you last bury a human body? Please select a state from the drop-down list below.

On what date did you commit your most significant act of treason?

We read all your private messages.

-Jordy Greenblatt and Lincoln Sedlacek