2015’s Hottest Summer Looks for Thermometers

by Lincoln Sedlacek

Look out, thermometers, because summer is here. Is your wardrobe ready for the coming months? Check out a few of 2015’s hottest summer trends!


Higher Mercury Levels
Nothing says “summer” like a hike — hiking up your mercury levels, that is! Get your mercury levels as high as these, and the world is going to know that you’re hot, hot, hot!


Greater Digital Numbers
Of course, if you’re not a “mercury” type, you can always heat things up with some high digital numbers. Gone are last month’s 60s and 70s. Time to break out the 80s and 90s!


Remember how your parents wanted you to wear icicles from November through February? Well, they may be about to have a meltdown, because it’s time to shrug off those boring old ice chips and show the world that, with you, it’s not just the heat: it’s the humidity.


Still don’t feel like you’re hot enough? Try blowing your top off, sending your insides shooting out and dribbling down your sides. It’s a daring, once-in-a-lifetime look, but it’s sure to have people pointing at you saying, “Gee, look at that thermometer! It doesn’t get much hotter than that!”


Be the Sun
People will definitely realize how hot your look is if you’re the sun.