List of Episodes in Season One of “Electoral College,” the TV Show I’m Pitching Where All of America’s Presidents Are in a Fraternity Together

by Lincoln Sedlacek

  1. Four Score and Seven Shots Ago…
  2. Bong-gress Is Now in Session
  3. Jackson Jacks Off
  4. Keg Stand for Justice
  5. Caucus-Blockus
  6. I Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Woman. Let’s Fix That.
  7. The Supreme Courtship
  8. Pubic Policy
  9. Budgets and A-bro-priations
  10. President Bro Tempore
  11. George Washington Crossing the Underwear
  12. I Do Solemnly Swear That, to the Best of My Abilities, I Will Preserve, Protect, and Defend the Kegerator
  13. Bull-Moose Partay!
  14. Lame Fuck