Amazon Reviews from Customers who Accidentally Bought “Fifty Shades of Gray: A Physician’s Guide to Treating Leprotic Skin Discoloration” Instead of “Fifty Shades of Grey”

by Melissa Chiasson

“Very educational, but characters lacked depth, especially Mycobacterium leprae.”

“People told me this book gets kinky, but, wow, this is really fucked up.”

“As a doctor, I highly recommend this book. As a person who just wants to read softcore porn in public, I was very disappointed.”

“From the first sentence, ‘Leprosy has plagued civilization for centuries, yet the modern physician now has many techniques at his or her disposal to treat its characteristic epidermal hypopigmentation,’ I was hooked.”

“This movie is going to be real graphic.”

“The electric needle therapy commonly used in leper colonies in the 70s and 80s provided the perfect analogy for my experience reading Fifty Shades of Grey.”

“At first I was upset that I had ordered the wrong book, but then I thought, what’s more disturbing: a love story about a controlling misogynist wang and his unrelenting conquest of a woman with no self-esteem, or a disease that causes disfiguring sores to sprout all over your body?

You decide! But the former does have better sex scenes.”

“5/5 stars, would 100% order accidentally again.”