Lists That Wouldn’t Have Anything In Them

by Jordy Greenblatt

  • Watchable Hugh Grant Movies
  • Impressive Physical Challenges That I Bested Against All Odds
  • Tom Jones Songs That Don’t Creep Me Out at Least a Little
  • “That’s What She Said” Jokes That I Don’t Regret Making
  • Fates too Cruel to Befall Hugh Grant
  • Times When I Thought of a Clever Joke That Might Piss Someone off but Then Thought, “Maybe Some Things Are Best Left Unsaid”
  • Non-Icelandic People who Can Correctly Pronounce Reykjavik
  • Times When Knowing All the Words to a Weird Al Song Came in Handy
  • Movie Roles That Could Have Been Enhanced if Played by Air-Headed Pretty Boy Hugh Grant
  • Responsible Settings in Which to Drink Four Loko
  • Sharp Turns I Made While Driving That I Didn’t Feel Required Me to Make Race Car Noises
  • People I Like Named Hugh Grant